Missing Classmates

I am in need of some help to locate missing people. I have made contact with more than whose names have no information. The people that I am missing are listed below. The people in blue may have been already sent the link, until they add themselves their name will remain blue. We only need to find the people at the top in black.


  1. Donna Bracknell
  2. David Browning
  3. Bill Crawford
  4. Dawn Hoolehan
  5. Kim Hoolehan
  6. Kathy Iwanski  
  7. Doug Martin  
  8. Jose Martinez 
  9. Jim Maule 
  10. Ricardo Mendez 
  11. Randy Olson
  12. Catherine Palozzolo
  13. Mark Priar
  14. Bill Pribyl 
  15. Rita Shehorn
  16. Paul Slaughter 
  17. Richard Spears 
  18. Alesia Vahl


    If you have any way of contacting them please do so and please let me know who you have tried to locate.

    Thanks, Mike Gould


Marsha Anderson
Michael Batchelor
Carol Beverly
Donna Bracknell
David Browning
Bill Crawford
Jeffery Crouch
Shelly Dobbs
John Fletcher
Debbie Holstine
Dawn Hoolehan
Kim Hoolehan
Kathy Iwanski
Roger Keenan
Doug Martin
Abel Martinez
Jose Martinez
Ricardo Mendez
Sylvia Mendez (Martinez)
Debbie Migliorini
Raquel Montoya
Robert Morris
Eric Needham
Randy Olson
Catherine Palazzolo
Mark Priar
Bill Pribyl
John Roberg
John Sauer
Rita Shehorn
Paul Slaughter
Roger Smith
Pat Sondgeroth
Alesia Vahl (Sven)
Doug Wells
Todd Wells

Guest Members

Ms. Bonnie Felt
Johan Persson